The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Give yourself the gift of a whiter smile!

Everyone will face some degree of dental stains over the years. Luckily it’s extremely easy to get rid of these discolorations and to achieve a whiter smile with the help of teeth whitening. Of course, not all whitening products are created equally, so if you are looking for a reliable and effective method for achieving a brighter smile our North York, Toronto, ON, cosmetic dentist Dr. Gharai can help.

So, why choose professional teeth whitening over simple over-the-counter whitening methods? Here’s why,

Even and More Thorough Results

As you might imagine, getting professional whitening treatment from a dental professional will give you more even results than whitening treatment that you have to do yourself. Our North York, Toronto, dentist has received extensive training to be able to treat moderate-to-severe dental stains more effectively than at-home kits can.

Get Results Fast

If time is of the essence when it comes to getting a whiter smile then over-the-counter methods won’t often give you the results you want in a shorter period of time. If you want to whiten your smile before a special occasion, important job interview or your wedding day the fastest approach will be in-office whitening.

A Visibly Whiter Smile

If you’ve ever tried at-home whitening treatment then you know that you won’t get results right away. While those patients with lighter stains may see some minor changes after a week or more of at-home whitening, if you really want to see an improvement in the vibrancy of your smile in-office teeth whitening can get your smile five or more shades whiter in just a single session.

Enjoy a Customized Treatment

When it comes to at-home whitening, it’s not tailored to meet your specific needs. The only way to truly customize your whitening treatment to get the individualized results you want is to get professional in-office whitening. This is particularly important for patients who want to reduce their risk for tooth sensitivity while still achieving a whiter smile with cosmetic dentistry.

Are you interested in getting professional teeth whitening in North York, Toronto, ON? Want to find out if you are an ideal candidate for whitening? If so, call Dr. Gharai at Vic Park Dental to schedule a visit.

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