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Your North York, Toronto, ON, cosmetic dentist, Dr. Gharai, has numerous solutions for discolored, chipped, or irregular-shaped teeth. For these issues, she provides a range of procedures, including teeth whitening, bonding, dental implants, and dental reshaping.

Teeth Whitening

There are two available options for this treatment: in-office procedures and take-home kits.

Teeth whitening is a great option to improve that gorgeous smile you already have, however, taking good general care of your teeth is just as important. Here are a few tips you can follow to ensure that you keep the appearance of your teeth for a longer period of time:

  • Quit smoking and chewing tobacco; they stain your teeth and cause oral diseases
  • Think about reducing the intake of staining beverages such as coffee and tea
  • Maintain a healthy oral regimen consisting of brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once


Tooth-colored fillings, also known as composite resin, can be accomplished in one visit and fixes issues such as chips, cracks, fractures, and decays, while also aiding teeth that are discolored, stained, and misshapen. The procedure may take about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your cosmetic dentistry needs.

Your Toronto dentist will clean your teeth to ensure that they're plaque-free. Then, your teeth will be etched with an acidic gel that will open the pores on the teeth's surface. Finally, the dentist will rinse the etching material with composite resin that matches the color of your teeth before hardening it in place with a curing light to finalize the new shapes.

Dental Implants

This tooth loss treatment creates stability, strength, and prevents the weakening and shrinkage of your jawbone. Dental implants consist of a titanium post that is surgically inserted into your jaws to replace missing tooth roots. The dentist then seals your gums and allows 3 to 6 months for osseointegration to occur. After this period, your dentist then re-opens the area above the titanium post, inserts a screw, places an abutment above the screw, and secures a crown on top that matches the rest of your teeth.

Some advantages of dental implants include:

  • Restoring one tooth, a few teeth, or all of your teeth
  • Restoring your bite and chewing function
  • Unlike dentures, dental implants are fixed in place and don't fall out of place
  • They can last a lifetime

Tooth Contouring and Reshaping

Tooth contouring and reshaping are simple cosmetic procedures that will save you plenty of time and money as well as give you a more confident smile. They help fix many teeth issues like crooked or crowded placement, pits and grooves in the enamel, and chips, cracks, and fractures.

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Have you considered cosmetic dentistry? Our North York, Toronto, ON dentist, Dr. Gharai, can help you get the smile you want! Call (416) 491-8621 today!

By Vic Park Dental
September 07, 2018
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Before and After Teeth Whitening

A whiter smile can be yours in as little as an hour, thanks to a professional teeth whitening treatment offered by your dentist. North York, Toronto, ON, dentist Dr. Gharai of Vic Park Dental provides the skilled dental care you and your family need to protect and enhance your smiles.

What are the advantages of professional teeth whitening?

Whitening at home doesn't always produce the results you expected. Even if you follow instructions carefully, your smile may not be as white as you envisioned or may not be consistently white. Professional whitening offers several important benefits, including:

  • Stronger Whitening Agent: Professional whiteners contain strong formulations of hydrogen peroxide, the natural chemical compound that breaks up stains in your tooth enamel. They work quickly, yet are safe for your smile.
  • Fast, Impressive Results: It can take a long time to lighten your teeth with over-the-counter whiteners. When you visit your North York, Toronto dentist for a whitening session, your teeth will be three to eight shades whiter in about an hour.
  • No Mottling or Two-Tone Teeth: Your dentist takes the time to ensure that your teeth are uniformly lighter after professional teeth whitening. If strips or do-it-yourself trays don't fit well or fail to cover your teeth completely, your teeth may end up two entirely different shades. When you opt for professional whitening, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned to prevent mottling or speckling, a problem that can occur if you have plaque or tartar on your teeth when you apply whiteners.
  • A Whiter Smile That Lasts: Results of professional whitening last about two to three years, although you can extend your results by avoiding or limiting darkly colored foods and beverages that stain teeth.
  • Convenience: If you prefer to whiten at home but still want professional results, a take-home kit may be the perfect option for you. Your dentist will provide you with custom-made trays made from impressions of your mouth. You'll simply add whitening gel to the trays and wear them as long or as often as your dentist recommends.

Would you like to whiten your smile? Call North York, Toronto, ON, dentist Dr. Gharai of Vic Park Dental at (416) 491-8621 to schedule an appointment.

By Vic Park Dental
April 09, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Some patients have to wait years and go to many dental appointments to get the beautiful smile that they’ve always wanted. If waiting that long simply isn’t an option for you, talk to your dentist about dental veneers. With veneers, you get a big difference in the appearance of your smile with a very small procedure that can be completed in about two or three appointments. Learn more about veneers from your Scarborough & North York, Toronto dentist.Dental Veneers

What Is a Veneer?
A veneer is a covering placed over the surface of a tooth to make it look more attractive, whiter and more naturally shaped. It’s commonly made of porcelain, which is a very tough and durable material that resembles natural tooth enamel. The veneer resists staining and fixes a number of common cosmetic problems, including chipping, gaps and ridges in the teeth.

What Will Happen at the Veneer Appointment?
When it’s clear that veneers can help your smile, the next step is to get your teeth prepared for them. The preparation process involves removing a small amount of tooth enamel from the front of the tooth to make room for the veneer and ensure a proper bond. Since a veneer is as thin as a contact lens, less than a millimeter of enamel is removed from the surface of the tooth. The dentist will take an impression of the tooth so that a proper veneer can be made. At the final appointment, the veneer is bonded and shaped to perfection.

How Long Will this New Smile Last?
Veneers are a wonder of cosmetic dentistry not just because they give you a big difference in your smile with a small procedure, but also because they are long-lasting. Once a porcelain veneer is bonded, it can last for as long as 20 years—maybe even longer. It’s important to treat your veneers with as much TLC as your other teeth to keep them looking great for as long as possible.

How Do You Care for Veneers?
The veneer has a strong bond to your tooth, but you have to keep it clean and free from plaque buildup to ensure its ongoing health and resilience. Brush around all surfaces of the tooth and floss between the teeth daily. Avoid biting hot foods (or drinking hot beverages) with your veneers as much as possible and drink less sugary beverages. One of the most important things to remember after you get veneers is to keep up with twice-yearly appointments for cleanings and checkups.

Contact your Scarborough & North York, Toronto Dentist

Veneers can give your smile a makeover that you never imagined was possible, and it only takes one small dental procedure to make a big difference. Call your Scarborough & North York, Toronto dentist for a veneers appointment today.

By Vic Park Dental
March 16, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

The arrival of spring often serves as inspiration to clean house and create an environment that’s bright and fresh. Here at the dental office, we can do the same for your mouth as well! Having clean teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath helps you look and feel your best. Here are some ways we can help you freshen up your smile:

Dental Exam. The best place to start is with a dental exam. Finding and treating tooth decay in its earliest stages will help you avoid more costly and invasive dental treatments later on. It could even save a tooth that might otherwise be lost! Plus, oral cancer screenings are important for everyone—even young, non-smokers. Regular dental exams also give you a chance to bring up any issues you may be concerned about, and to ask for pointers on hygiene.

Professional Cleaning. Having a good oral hygiene routine at home goes a long way towards keeping your mouth healthy. But routine professional cleanings are still very important. Your dental hygienist uses specially designed tools to reach into places where your brush and floss can’t, and remove disease-causing dental plaque and tartar. A polishing provides the finishing touch for a squeaky-clean feeling.

Teeth Whitening. Teeth tend to get duller with age; that’s why teeth whitening treatments can give you a more youthful appearance. Bleaching your teeth is safest when supervised by a dental professional. We recommend two methods: either a professional treatment at the dental office, or a take-home kit we can provide, which includes custom-fitted bleaching trays. The first way will give you the fastest results, while the second is more economical.

Smile Makeover. Sometimes whitening alone is not enough to fix what’s keeping you from flashing a big, bright smile. For example, maybe your teeth aren’t straight, or they have been worn down over the years. Perhaps a tooth is chipped or is missing entirely. Or maybe there are multiple cosmetic issues. If this is the case, we can help you figure out what’s really bothering you about your teeth and how you can achieve the smile of your dreams.

If you have questions about oral hygiene or cosmetic dentistry, please contact us or schedule a consultation. You can learn more by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Daily Oral Hygiene.”